How can you recover loans in UAE

  • 6th May 2019

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Question: I lent Dh3,000 to a friend in Dubai. I have an email from him confirming it and mentioning that he will be returning the money by end of September 2018. But now, he is not responding to my calls. Can I take legal action against him?


As the amount of loan lent to your friend is only Dh3,000, it is recommended that you lodge a civil complaint against your friend at the Centre for Amicable Settlement of Disputes at Dubai Court (the ‘Centre’). The Centre is a reconciliation department which deals with debts/claims amounting below Dh50,000. You have to provide your and your friend’s details along with the details of the case and supporting documentary evidence (email confirmation as stated by you) to the Centre. Your petition should contain the relevant details and documents as mentioned in Article 42 of Federal Law NO. 11 of 1992 regarding Civil Procedures Law of UAE, which states, “The civil action shall be submitted to the court at the request of the plaintiff by a plaint to be deposited with its registrar. The plaint shall include the following details:

You may approach the Centre for further details.

Know the law

If a person has defaulted on a loan amount below Dh50,000, the lender can lodge a civil complaint against the borrower at the Centre for Amicable Settlement of Disputes at Dubai Court.

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